Digital technology solutions that drive business efficiency and ROI.

Our services look beyond current technology stacks by using cutting-edge AI/ML, streaming data, AR/VR, IoT and cloud to quickly bring solutions to market. Learn more about Stratizant's innovative solutions for your business and industry below.


Enterprises have relied on traditional ETL tools for years but the ROI on these solutions is extremely low. Get near real time data moves from different sources with Our Quest data streaming approach.

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Big banks have platforms to trade loan assets. Now, community and regional banks can use our Atria cloud based platform to trade loan portfolios as well, resulting in better optimized balance sheets, increased yields and reduced risk.

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IoT devices push data to connected networks. From devices to the cloud, our IoT solutions provide a broad, deep functionality so that IoT can be built for virtually any use on any device. Plus, our solutions integrated with AI makes your IoT devices even smarter.

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Stratizant can jump start your AI journey with a set of flexible and trusted AI services - from pre-built APIs, such as Cognitive Services and Conversational AI with Bot tools to building custom models with Stratizant ML for any business scenario.

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AR / VR / MR

Our Augmented, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality services are tailored to your industry and needs. These AR/VR/MR solutions combine cutting-edge technology and ease of use. Our experience enables us to deliver stunning quality graphics and content.

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