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Industries we work with

IT consulting for health, insurance, finance & manufacturing

Innovate. Thrive. Transform.

Digital transformation in industries like financial services, healthcare, insurance, and manufacturing industries calls for businesses to realign their strategies and focus on consumer-centric business models to achieve success. AI and IoT technologies elevate customer service by creating a competitive advantage for early adopters. At Stratizant, we help you analyze your existing processes and identify optimization possibilities through our deep industry knowledge and IT expertise. We have worked with Fortune 500 clients to provide IT consulting in manufacturing, insurance, financial services, and healthcare domains. Stratizant improves efficiencies, customer care delivery, and more to help organizations innovate, thrive and transform for a better digital future.



Digital devices are experiencing huge growth with the IoT revolution. Creating value with IoT isn’t as straightforward as device integration. Our partnership with Siemens MindSphere will help your business reinvent operating models, production and value chains by bringing your data to the cloud in near real-time..


Financial services entities are trying to create improved business models to correct past shortcomings and overcome current challenges. Stratizant has deep financial sector experience finding innovative ways to digitize legacy processes, manage risks and enjoy economic benefits.


From the doctor’s front office to the payer’s back end, the healthcare industry is undergoing a major transformation through digitization. We will help you think outside the box to increase your business’s efficiency and reduce its costs by adopting new technologies through Stratizant’s innovative solutions.


These days insurance customers trade brand loyalty for price, service and benefits. Stratizant offers innovative strategies, products, processes and experiences to create new and effective business models that can help insurance companies to adopt more customer-centric goals and views.

Discover how Stratizant can add value to your business and take you to the next level.

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